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The centre for the easily amused.

Drunk Dragon

Local news for Pembrokeshire and the World - that you won't find elsewhere! Excellent site, and worth reading wherever you live.

Fast Show

Unofficial site.

Find A Grave

You can't escape just by dying.

The Ignobel Prize

Annual award for an achievement that "cannot or should not be reproduced".

The Institue of Official Cheer

Old pop culture.

Movie Cliches

a list of the most annoying and common logic flaws and stereotypes found in films.

The Onion

US satirical magazine.

Out of Service

Personality Psychology Tests

Science Frontiers

Strange Science * Bizarre Biophysics * Anomalous astronomy - from the pages of the World's Scientific Journals

Silver Ladder Studios

Humour, photography, rants, poetry and many other ways to pass the time.

Smallest Site

The World's smallest website?

Space Station Homeless

A Presentation of the Bad Air and Space Museum

Urban Legends

It must be true, a man in the pub told me.

Useless Knowledge

If it isn't here, it isn't trivia.

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