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Release Basement Jaxx, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Photek, Dimitri From Paris and many others in the US.


Bass-master Bill Laswell's label.

Barakka El Farnatshi

Moroccan-based Barbarity label

Beggars Banquet

UK label born in the punk era and still going strong - Tindersticks, Nectarine No. 9, Swell are among their artists.

Bionic Orange / Infected

Rowland The Bastard's techno / acid techno labels.

Bionic Orgazm Productions

The sound of the psychedelic underground trance scene.

Blood & Fire

Re-released classic reggae and dub.


Tech-house and trance from San Francisico.


Long-running Belgian label, combining & recycling all kind of musical styles (from rock to ethnic to jazz to classical), cultural collisions, inviting musicians from various horizons. Released most of Tuxedomoon's records.

Dazzle & Delight

French label, influences from electronica, psychedelia and rock.

Deep Water

Chilled and experimental sounds from Leicester-based label.


Youth's long-running and influential UK trance label.


UK dub.


Rollo's (from Faithless) chilled project - innovative site is well worth a visit, and the music is excellent too.


Founded in 1996 its bassy products are amongst the finest you will find filed under Dub.

Electric M.E.L.T.



The output of the Frankfurt-based label ranges from Ambient and Electro to Dub, often incorporating other styles like House, Downbeat/Broken Beats or Drum'n'Bass.


Arabic rhythms, ambient experimentation, jazz ambience, sonic research and heavy beats, subnarcotic sounds, electroacoustic collage, worldly funk, Japanese noise, cinematic dancefloor - there's plenty here to explore...

Flying Rhino

UK trance label - currently have sixteen acts signed : Slinky Wizard; Blue Planet Corporation; Atmos; ManMadeMan; Darshan; Planet B.E.N.; 12 Moons; Bumbling Loons; 4D; Bamboo Forest; Kinetico (Massimo Vivona); Son Kite; Bus; Red Seal; Boom Devil and Western Rebel Alliance.


UK label first came to prominence in the early 80s with the Cocteau Twins, Comsat Angels amongst others. Still going strong with the same sort of feel to the music. Includes releases by Piano Magic, Breeders, His Name Is Alive.

Free Radical Sounds

Roots & Dub, Breaks, Beats & B-lines on their own label, with interviews, reviews and dub / roots / jungle / d&b shop on the site.


Classic UK reggae & dancehall label.


French Dub label - Rasboras Dub Tribe, Primitive and Rootsman among others.


Out of Montreal, they promote electronic and ambient music, both locally and worldwide

Jah Works

UK dub label and band agency - Albaroot, The UK Players, I&I Oneness, Jah Works Outernational, G.T. Moore, Mene Man, Ras Natural

LA Latin

What it says in the box.


Josephine, The Gents, Quincy.


Hyperborea, 21st, Century Ska. Last updated May 2000, but may still exist.

Magick Eye

Children of Dub, Cybernaut and more - but do they still exist? - no updates since March 2000.


Muki, Natasha Atlas, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Six By Seven, Saint Etienne, The Delgados

Matador Europe

Bardo Pond, Cornelius, Mark Eitzel, Khan, Mount Florida, Techno Animal, Yo La Tengo and various other lo-fi acts.

Maximum Power (MPR)

Home of excellent UK live dub band Back To Base


A mixture of different cultural and ethnic styles, characterised by superb percussion and often a jazzy feel.

Ninja Tune

Coldcut's label - celebrating 10 years of widely-diverse. Mr. Scruff, Hexstatic, Cinematic Orchestra, Up Bustle & Out, DJ Food, DJ Vadim, Herbaliser, Amon Tobin and others.

Noise Museum

Alice In Wonder from France

On-U Sound

The most influential UK Dub label ever - Creation Rebel, Prince Far I, Bim Sherman, LondOn Underground and The Mothmen, New Age Steppers, African Head Charge, Singer & Players, Barmy Army, Mark Stewart & Maffia, Akabu and Dr. Pablo & Dub Syndicate to name a few.

On-U Sound Archive

Unofficial archive site for the above label.

Palm Pictures

'Global Beats'


WOMAD's label - music from many cultures around the world.


Frank Zappa, Nick Drake, Morphine, Jeb Loy Nicholls (Mid-Wales resident), Robert Cray - and many others


Aim to build a community of artists and music enthusiasts who seek to surpass the constraints of the contemporary formatting in the media, and to create or enjoy eclectic and original music.

Shimmy Disk

Part of the US Knitting Factory stable - expect the unexpected! Home of Bongwater. Very slow site.

Six Degrees

San Francisco-based label - global beats and a wide variety of music from around the world. Ekova, Banco de Gaia, Euphoria, Future Loop Foundation and a good selection of excellent compilations. A Les 'Earthdoctor' special recommendation!


Surveying the outer reaches of European electronic experimentation - Coil, Roedelius, Jim O'Rorke, Farmers' Manual and many others.

Sonic Youth

On the cutting edge of guitar-fuelled experimentation within and without the boundaries of rock. Spine-tingling power when on form, which is most of the time, with the occasional sidetrip into self-indulgence - but we forgive them!


An independent label, inebriating the public ear, tugging at the borders between so-called digital (dsp) & analogue technology and electro-acoustic production, promoting non-conformism and differentiation. (So they say!)

The Sprawl

Sprawl is structured around the same fault lines and features releases by artists such as Scanner, Freeform, Osymyso and conceptual compilations such as Hmm, an album of international hymns and anthems.

Sub Rosa

Avant Garde and Aural Documents from Belgium.


Rennie Pilgrem's label - at the forefront of UK breabeat. Waveform, World of Crime, Uptown Connection and others.


Jah Wobble's label.


Tinrib set out to bring together all the best elements of house, NRG & trance to produce something new. Also home to Dirty House Grooves. Another slow site - why do they do it? We want content, not flash!


As eclectic as they come - electronica, drones and sounds from around the world - label of the year 2000, as voted by the readers of Intuitive Music. Electronica, jazz, abstract and noise - Biosphere, Evan Parker, Phil niblock, Ryoji Akeda and many others.


Astral Projection and other trance, plus Mashed Mellow Grooves.

Tribal World Music Distribution

Take the ancient instruments and sounds of Australia, North America, Africa, India and Ireland. Put them together over a rich dose of didgeridoo with a talented sense of the deep spirit that forms the traditions of music.

Truelove Collective

Stay Up Forever, Smitten, TEC, Cluster, Boscaland - the home of acid trance / techno.


Get Shpongled with their psychedelic trance.

Universal Egg

Zion Train, Vibronics, Ism, Power Steppers, Extremadura, Tassilli Players and many others.

Wall of Sound

Beats big and otherwise.


Leaders of the New York 'illbient' hip-hop / dub scene.

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