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Thanks to Steve B for this report.

Techno Tribe at Glastonbury Festival 2002

This Glastonbury saw Techno-Tribes' new space, the 'Witches Hat' for the first time ever! The distinctive tall, pointed, marquee was amazingly transformed into a luxury club, (cum crash-tent), under the discerning eyes of international design-maestro Aragorn Horner, ( Brixton, Mach, etc.).

Complete with massive four poster bed, chaise longes, etc. and with copious amounts of fluff and tat the overwhelming sense of 'pink' was unmissable!

Policing the door, to prevent any drop-outs walking past without noticing, were the self-acclaimed 'rudest bouncers on-site'! Anyone with the slightest leaning towards inadequacy was humiliated beyond doubt, before being escorted into the club and refused exit!

Entertainment was provided through a sound system borrowed from the tipi field when the owners were too 'tired' to say no….and it was all powered by solar and wind energy! Much of the wind coming from Chris Ford!

Spinning the discs until falling over / daylight were Steevio and Steve B. with a guest appearances from Matt Black, or was it Dr. Phibes, and a brief appearance by 'Les Earthdoctor'.

Techno-Tribes' PR director, Alice 'Thingy', offered Fat Boy Slim the opportunity to drag his vinyl across from the obviously dull backstage dance-area to play a slot, but amongst raging rumours of him being too 'overwhelmed' to play, a couple of people waited in vain for a few minutes.

In view of the outstanding success of this venture, Techno-Tribe feel that they are still willing to consider any offers of festival blags, parties, or such like; but that prices have had to increase. We now feel that our mobilisation charges need to be at least four cans of stella per-person, per-day!

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