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Clothed and oil-free physical therapies by Moth AKA Timothy J Foster - Indian Head Massage, On-Site Acupressure Massage, Reflexology. Home visits may be possible.

Indian Head Massage - float away with Champissage, developed from traditional Indian Head Massage. It works on shoulders, upper arms, neck and head.

On-Site Acupressure Massage (hands on approach to a healthier life) - designed for the workplace but equally effective anywhere. This treatment is based on Anma, ancient Japanese massage, the root of Shiatsu. It will leave you relaxed yet alert, calm but energised. Ideal for people who need de-stressing but still have to function - work or party!

Reflexology - pressure massage given to the feet or hands, supporting the body’s own natural healing. Vertical Reflex Therapy or VRT is a new development offering shorter on-site treatment.

Home visits may be possible.

People love the natural high they get from Indian Head or On-Site Massage.

In Aberystwyth? Have a dinner party with a difference: invite some friends around for massage followed by water, wine and food.

“I have heightened my tactile skills since becoming partially sighted and communicate intuitively through touch”.

or 'phone 01970 625405 / 07779 913819.

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